Why to invest in a bespoke brand


Investing in your brand

The power of a bespoke brand

Your business is undoubtedly important to you. Your goal may to be self sustainable and have a comfortable lifestyle. For this to happen, you will need to commission people to work on areas of your business. People train in their chosen area to learn a skill and to become experts both of which means an investment of time and money. Just like you are an expert at whatever it is that you do. You and your business are bespoke, your brand should be too. It is important you work with a studio/agency/freelancer that has a strategic process in order to create you a meaningful and bespoke brand that has purpose. Your brand communicates for you when you are not there to.

The common question in design: why pay more for a brand, when you can pay less? There are websites out there selling £5 logos, and peoples who say ‘I’ve got Photoshop! I’m sure I can pull you something together!’.

A common misconception with clients of the design industry is that if someone has access to a computer, they can design a logo; and this is partly true, anyone can half heartedly throw together some text and an icon. But designing the right logo and a bespoke brand unique to your business takes research, development and process, and that’s why skilled designers go to college, university, and gain work experience; all before doing client work.

For a skilled designer, it isn’t just about making something look pretty, or ‘making do’ with something done in Photoshop. At Sail, our process is about strategy. This involves what we call a discovery phase of research and exploration to understand your vision and your goals (our aim is to help you reach them) whilst also doing a market analysis (before we even hit the screen). This enables us to create a working partnership with you so we can fully understand your needs. We will ask questions about your business and what you want to achieve, and will work with you to produce a bespoke brand that is an investment for your business. A well considered brand should successfully communicate who you are and what you do, making it clearer for your target audience. Thought and consideration will go into every element of your bespoke brand along the way: tone of voice, typeface, colours, shapes, weight, size, composition, the list goes on. Working this way creates a unique and appropriate brand that has meaning. Oh, and using the right tools for the job helps (not Photoshop). An impactful and appropriate brand for your business is the result of a thorough process of hard work and creative thinking. The process often involves blood, sweat and tears, and lots and lots of tea.

Bespoke design is an investment

Every business/organisation, however big or small, is built through passion, hard work and core values; making each one unique; and your brand is an opportunity to reflect this.

At Sail, a huge amount of hard work and creative thinking goes into a brand concept, from competitor research to ensure you stand out, audience research to ensure an appropriate tone, and research into what you do and why you do it, so that the final design encapsulates your values and beliefs. A brand created from such a process will result in a unique, well thought out identity that will build your business reputation and authenticity amongst customers, competitors and the community. It will also have longevity. Something you can be proud of. After all, it is the face of your organisation, and speaks for you when you are not there to speak; that is one of the reasons why it is an investment.

Keeping it simple

For a brand to be effective, it must be simple. The simpler the logo, the more memorable it will be for your consumer, the more professional it will appear and the more timeless it will be. Less is more. No clutter, no jargon, no special effects.

Brand and logo services

Sail offer bespoke branding to different sectors. After having a conversation with you to discover more about what you do, we then analyse and discuss your answers with you to fully explore your business needs and to understand your audience. We research, sketch and discover exploring all the possibilities to develop a bespoke brand that fits your core values, and your requirements. We aim work closely with our clients, and make professional recommendations on the best way forward and decisions to maximise reach to your target audience. After discussions with you, the final brand and assets will be presented with a rationale, so you can be assured that it’s the right tone for your business and audience.

We offer free discovery consultations, so we can get to know you and your business and you can find out how we can help you reach the next level. Contact us for a chat (and a cuppa).

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