Clients forming into friendships…


Working with Sail, by Megan Carr

USE-IT Newcastle is a non-for-profit free city guide showing the soul of the city, aimed at both locals and tourists. USE-IT Newcastle hopes to become a member of USE-IT Europe, an international network helping young volunteers to create their own city guide made by locals.

The map contains a local dictionary, a brief 5 min history, how to “act like a local” and most importantly how we see this incredible city and all the independent gems we have. Due to the nature of USE-IT, the maps style is funny yet educational, insightful yet light hearted and above all else… HONEST. Therefore, the map must remain non-commercial whereby no company can pay to be on the map.

Since first being in contact with Sail Creative until the sign off, there was consistently a feeling of trust, passion and interest. Sail completely understood the project and what it stands for which is clearly represented through the map with it’s bold illustrations, striking colour scheme and well thought out layout. Immediately, I felt reassured that Sail was going to create just what I wanted, through clear communication and expertise, they pushed me to tackle various aspects to reach my full potential. Luckily, we all became good friends, which not only helped with bouncing ideas about the design and content, but which made the whole project a much better experience.

The project team included: Mandy Barker, Ben Ridler and illustrator Danielle Gilbert. The freelance team at Sail are empowering, inspiring and set themselves apart from other graphic designers by helping social projects flourish into successful brands and outputs. With a constant drive for perfection, their enthusiasm and passion is a rarity to see and be part of. I couldn’t thank Sail enough, it’s been a pleasure and I’m sure we will have another project in the pipeline soon.

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