Know your purpose, live, love and breathe it

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Know your purpose, live, love and breathe it

Running a business is challenging. When you are busy, it’s easy to lose sight of vision, values and mission. This affects the whole internal team, your culture, your environment and your work quality; ultimately affecting how you are perceived externally. Not forgetting that your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what they say it is.

No matter if you are an established business or just starting out, your brand should encompass your mission is, what your values are and speak to your ideal audience and key stakeholders. Although this may seem overly formal if you’re a young, vibrant company who’s enjoying rapid growth, these four elements make up the bedrock of any brand so that it can confidently and consistently share its message.

Sail Creative have shared our thoughts on why a brand is more than just a logo. A brand encompasses multiple elements and its success hinges on how we you can communicate.

  • Who are you?
  • What do you stand for?
  • Who do you serve?

Losing sight of what’s important to you – or never really knowing from the start – will make running your business much more difficult.

These questions are just some of the ones we ask in our branding review workshops as we help businesses of all shapes and sizes reconnect with the biggest question of all: why.

Why would a business require a review of their brand?

An objective and expert view is invaluable at any stage or for any size of business. This is the starting point for a concrete brand strategy that defines who you are, and what you stand for.

It is, of course, easy to have this inside your head, but what good is that, if you are not communicating this to your wider team? Your people are your brand.

Your brand strategy should be part of your business strategy, and should be reviewed every six months in board meetings, particularly if you want to grow.

Here are some examples of why our clients come to us to request a brand workshop:

  • New startups who are looking to develop their brand strategy
  • Companies who have grown to offer new products and services but their brand has stayed the same
  • Companies who have lost their competitive edge as the market has changed
  • Customers’ needs have changed and companies need to adapt.

There is no ideal time to hold a branding review and some would even argue it is difficult to do once the wheels of business are in motion. Whatever your reasons for needing a review, chances are that you are feeling a bit lost and unsure as to how to express your brand to the world.

We find that clarity is what most businesses are seeking and we work with them to sharpen their vision and develop their voice.

What are the outcomes of a branding review workshop?

As we’ve mentioned, the outcomes of a branding review are specific to each and every one of the clients we work with. We thrive on being there for your lightbulb moments when it all starts falling into place and this will look different for each business.

Here are several key consequences of a branding workshop:

  1. Get your branding right from the very beginning

Many businesses fall into the trap of hitting the ground running and making up their brand’s vision as they go along. We understand that there is great power in experience and certain things about a business can only be learned after the hard work has begun. However, a poorly crafted identity can damage a business as inconsistent or misleading statements are communicated to customers and stakeholders.

  1. Consistency of message

One outcome of the workshop is that we will leave you with a clear set of guidelines on how to express your brand across all marketing channels. This is vital to ensure your message is transmitted loud and clear, no matter where it is being communicated.  

  1. A flexible brand that can move with you

Even if you feel confident at the moment in articulating your brand and what it stands for, it can be hard to predict what is just around the corner that may impact your workload, priorities and needs. When reacting to these changes it may become increasingly difficult to maintain your brand and you run the risk of your message becoming diluted. The brand strategy and guidelines you will gain from the workshop will equip you with the skills needed to make adjustments without compromising your integrity.

  1. Save time and money

Ad hoc changes are often inevitable during the lifecycle of a business. However, fussing regularly around the edges of your brand and reacting to minor changes can add up to cost your business time and money.  

  1. A deeper understanding of your business

This has to be our favourite result and the one that gives us the most satisfaction. We love working with our clients so that they leave us feeling confident in their brand and can passionately share this over and over again with their audience.

We know you love what you do but sometimes the why can get lost in the day to day running of a business. A branding review workshop helps us strip back all the extraneous detail to reveal the heart and soul of your business so that you can get back to putting it out there.

What our clients have to say

It’s one thing for us to write about how your business will benefit from a brand review, but another to hear from a company we have worked with.

We received some superb feedback from Oak Software, who attended a branding workshop led by Sail Creative whilst the company was in the middle of their website redevelopment.

“We especially wanted to let you know how much the workshop with Sail helped us in writing the website content. The insight and organisation of the workshop was superb, direct and honest, which is exactly the tone of voice we were angling for. The findings validated that and made us question our future ambitions.”

After the workshop, Oak Software became more “conscious” about their choice of language and what they stood for. The session enabled them to express their brand using a voice that was true to them and resonate with their audience.  

How can Sail Creative help?

We would encourage anyone who feels like they need a branding review to get in touch with us for a conversation in the first instance. Each workshop we run is tailored to the individual needs of the client, so we’d want to understand what outcomes you’d like from the session.

Have you got any questions about a brand review? Get in touch with us for a free, no obligation chat about the challenges you currently face.

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