approach and services

Creative design for brand, web and print

Brand workshops

We offer facilitated workshop that we work through with clients, to define their brand, audience and prioritise business goals, whilst giving actionable insights. The workshop is open and flexible, providing a framework that allows for conversation and openness, with all stakeholders present. It has structure, helping everyone involved work in close collaboration throughout, working towards end result (established in the workshop). By defining your brand in this way, you are aligning the perceptions and opinions of your client and your own before you start execution of the identity.

Workshops are a unique opportunity to see yourself as you want others to see you, and how you work towards that. Prioritising and validating your customer and goals in this way creates a roadmap to create a strong brand identity that has impact and is appropriate. A brand created this way will give you and your team understanding, adding value through confidence, clarity (internally and externally) and how you are perceived in the market place. Creating an objective roadmap saves you time and energy going forward. Your vision is the core of your business, and once this is defined, it should be at the heart of your brand, your organisation, and everything you do. If you want to hear more, please contact us.

Brand identity

Every organisation needs a brand. It helps you connect to your audience and how they perceive you, and it’s this that sets you apart. A ‘good’ or the ‘right’ brand is the result of detailed scoping, research and development before you even hit the screen. Sail will focus on what makes you unique, producing a brand that communicates who you are and what you do. The result will be a quality toolkit of functional and unique assets and components you can use going forward, all of which will strengthen your organisations brand and position.

Web design

Your website is often the first experience a client will have with your organisation. It is essential to have an online presence that is inspiring and impactful, and that successfully represents your brand. Sail work closely with you to understand your goals, to ensure your website offers a user-friendly and engaging experience for your clients without compromising on visual impact.

Depending on your needs, we can offer bespoke design, completely unique and tailored to you and your goals; or blend the custom with the ready to craft, perfect for start-ups and small businesses. Both are user-friendly and mobile responsive (a must with over 50% of internet users being mobile first). We also provide a user-friendly platform that will enable you to easily update your own content in the future.

Print Design

Print can be anything that communicates who you are. Including but not limited to: direct mailers, magazines, campaign materials, brochures, banners, annual reports and prospectuses. We collaborate with print firms, to ensure a quality print finish.

Approach and process

We care about every project and we like to start each with a chat – it’s the best way to understand your organisation, your needs, and your audiences. Then, it’s about reaching the big idea. Good ideas are important, but good ideas with meaning are better. You can’t get to that without process and development. Process takes time, expertise, research and a huge amount of work. We research, sketch and develop, exploring all the possibilities. Work hard from start to finish, with your feedback along the way.

Expertise, curiosity and experimentation allow us to look at the solution from different angles resulting in unique and creative design solutions.