Eight AM Editorial Design

Eight AM
Art Direction

The brief
In this fast paced century, society can be consumed by time and immersed in order and routine, often because we are simply complying with the pressures of life and work. Time possesses the ability to assist us one moment, and yet constrain us the next.

Within our homes, Eight a.m is an ordinary, yet significant time as we prepare for the day ahead; and the kitchen is a functional household room that perfectly displays a personal spin on ‘order and routine’. How do we conform to the social demands of time, when no one is watching? This is what we wanted to explore…

The Solution
A kitchen at Eight a.m. holds an atmosphere that tells a story of the night before, or for the day to come: People present, people absent, scenes of overflowing sinks and small shots into individuals lives.

We decided to do this photographic experiment at Eight a.m across different households, to focus on communicating a unique energy which varies from household to household; from unguarded moments of reflection, to hustle and bustle, to stillness and emptiness. The project took place across 12 diverse households, to mark the 12 hours on the clock. The images in the book explore both the visible and the invisible, to renew the way we look at the often seeming ordinary everyday world that surrounds our households.

The images aim for us to ask questions about ourselves and the conventions of time that govern our everyday life.

front cover
Laila 3