Glastonbury Festival Logo Design

Don't Pee on Glastonbury logo concept

Glastonbury Festival
Logo concept
Campaign concept

The brief
Glastonbury Festival needed a logo to educate festival goers on why it is so important that they do not pee on the land at Worthy Farm. Urinating on the ground at Glastonbury causes toxic pollution of the water table, which affects local wildlife and fish.

The Solution
It was important to make the logo positive to harmonise with the vibe of the festival, and illustrate, with positive colour and imagery, why festival-goers ‘shouldn’t pee’.  This logo is about showing what not peeing can create: colour (being the greenery of the land and the festival itself) and life (the wildlife living on). If you look closely, you can see that the logo encapsulates the earth, the wildlife and camping, all in one. A typeface was created to underpin the logo, and to fit with Glastonbury’s experimental style.

Don't Pee on Glastonbury A board design
Don't Pee on Glastonbury logo GIF design
Don't Pee on Glastonbury logo tote bag design