Northern Correspondent Editorial Design

Northern Correspondent
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Editorial Design

The brief
The Northern Correspondent is an independent magazine focusing on long-form journalism in the North East. Made up of a small group of journalists and story-tellers, writers, photographers, illustrators, film-makers and broadcasters who are passionate about telling stories of the people and places of the North East. Sail were brought in to work on a brand identity, along with art direction, editorial design and print management. The brand identity and magazine had to be versatile, providing a tool kit for the in house design team. It was imperative that we created a style and template that was easy to populate in house.

The Solution
The magazine had powerful, bespoke images that portrayed individual stories in an impactful way. We wanted to produce a magazine complimented this, and allowed the photography be pushed to the forefront of the magazine. We designed the magazine to have full bleed photography, bold headlines, and lots of white space, enabling readers to focus on the text. The result was a contemporary magazine that is now stocked nationwide.

Northern Correspondent editorial design
Northern Correspondent logo
Northern Correspondent editorial design

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