Can you recycle originality? Campaign

Pop will eat itself print design and campaign

Will Pop Eat itself?
Campaign identity
Direct mail

The brief
Create an invite for a round-table discussion which will debate whether popular culture today is more likely to be inspired by the past, instead of originality.

The solution
This brief was an opportunity to be creative, but the solution had to be engaging and eye-catching. The campaign was inspired by the phrase: ‘Can you recycle originality?’. The solution was to create a set of face montage postcards, that reflected a diverse range of artists, but made up one; to reflect how much of the past some artists are made up of today. Because of the success of the campaign the invites were also a subject of conversation for the evening, encouraging guests to discuss the artists within the artwork, and their impact on modern popular culture.

Pop will eat itself print design and campaign
Pop will eat itself print design and campaign

"Today's popular culture is made up entirely of bits of the past, that where artists and musicians of the 1960s looked to the future, their 21st century counterparts are almost always looking backwards."

Simon Reynolds, Retromania