The Stand Comedy Club Brand Identity

The Stand Comedy Club
Brand Identity

The brief
The Stand is a world renowned Northern based independent comedy organisation with venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle. Sail has a close working relationship with the Stand, we were brought in to develop a sub-brand brand identity for a brand new independent comedy festival Newcastle Alternative which has close links to the Edinburgh Fringe. Additional projects with The Stand have included creating a campaign for the kids comedy club.

The Solution
The Newcastle Alternative festival had to be bold, edgy and vibrant to stand out and represent the brilliant festival. The brand result was this and really gave the festival the visual identity it needed to represent it’s positive and optimistic impact on the comedy community in Newcastle. Sail created further campaign materials for the festival.

When working on the Kids comedy club campaign, we had to keep in mind that the design had fit comfortably with their brand. We had to use an approach that would attract 6-12 year olds. Sail used a vibrant illustrative approach, creating characters to catch the attention of the young audience.

The brand expanded their kids comedy club after the mix of quirky characters that were created, helped to reach out to the young audience whilst capturing their imaginations. This is currently rolled out across print and digital promotions.

The stand comedy club logo
The Stand leaflet
The Stand urban poster
The stand stickers
The stand comedy club posters
The stand comedy club outdoor
The Stand beer mat
The Stand A Board
The Stand postcards
The stand comedy club tshirt

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