“Our experiences with Sail are always professional, with excellent results. They listen closely, and make professional recommendations. Sail managed to capture and bring out the personality and diversity of the LAGLA North East brand. The marketing materials are all instantly recognisable and deliver immediate impact. The visual identity gave us further fuel and confidence going forward, and allowed us to reach out to new members. We have been delighted by Sail’s ability to create something we are all incredibly proud of. We have also used Sail on our promotional items at Ben Hoare Bell solicitors. Would highly recommend.”
Lui Asquith, LAGLA North East / Ben Hoare Bell 

When I approached Sail Creative to consider the possibilities for more effective marketing, we discussed the possibility of a brand identity, using a new set of appropriate and well-designed promotional tools. Although our collaboration is still very much a work-in-progress, I’ve been enormously impressed by the meticulous, considered and collaborative approach that Mandy at Sail has brought to the project so far.

Mandy presented me with questions that ask some vital and demanding questions about the philosophy and intentions behind my work. Based on my answers to these questions, Mandy has already provided some extremely cogent and coherent suggestions that will run through all my marketing and visual material, from business cards and brochures through to a comprehensive website revamp and a more integrated social media presence.

I’m now certainly confident that my collaboration with Sail will provide me with not only some unique and exciting marketing and presentational possibilities but also ongoing constructive feedback and ideas to develop my own work further.
Richard Olivier – photographer

We are a teacher training charity which works in Thailand and Burma. We require an annual report to reflect through text and photographs the range of activities we are involved in. Mandy has a very approachable manner and gave suggestions as to how we might produce it. The report produced keeps our supporters and donors up-to-date in an attractive and informative way. We are very happy with the results, and would recommend Sail.
Graham McNeill, Mobile Education Partnership

“A very professional yet personal service from start to finish. I’ve worked with other graphic designers before and I never felt that any of them actually cared so much about my business. Sail asked me questions so that they could fully understand my business aims/unique selling points and vision, to then be able to go on and create a logo and supporting materials tailored to my business, which I am extremely happy with. I really felt that Sail put a lot of thought into it, I didn’t feel like I was just “rushed along” or another number, as I have felt with the other designers before. I would definitely recommend and will definitely be using Sail again.”
Lisa Vodros, Hairitage House

“Mandy absorbed the direction, my goals and created a brief that absorbed these really well. They listened carefully, ensuring enough information was received in advance in order to be able to go and work independently from thereon. The results they brought back really surprised and delighted me! They completely made sense, were creative, and had enough variations to allow my input and feedback. Sail offer a great depth of process and development.”
Fred Asquith, SIMPLYFred

“I really liked Mandy’s strategic and professional approach from when we first met. After seeing examples of Sail’s work and your thought process I was convinced I wanted to work with them! My website is now exactly what I wanted and is totally accessible and manageable. I was happy from start to finish, Sail exceeded my expectations.”
Lisa Borrie, So Visualise

“Sail had a knowledgeable, passionate, and personal approach. They were thorough, working closely with me, and helped me to understand how important a brand is. They researched closely into the work that I do and came up with a brand that portrays a personal reflection of myself as an individual and a clear overview of what Bodyfresh stands for.The process was very smooth and I was kept updated at each stage. I’m so happy with the brand identity, I now have something bespoke and reputable, that I can be proud of.”
Kim Lawson, Bodyfresh