Sail has launched-01

Welcome to Sail

Sail Creative is a new, independent design studio focusing on brand, print and web.

We wanted to use this opportunity to give you a little intro into Sail:

Setting up in a seaside town (but not limited by location), the name felt natural. The idea with Sail was to create a studio that combine our passion of culture, art and design, whilst also using design as a catalyst for social good/challenging the status quo.

The studio works on brand, print and web design using knowledge, expertise, curiosity and experimentation to get creative results. We work with independent businesses, charities, start-ups and cultural organisations. We will sometimes collaborate with other creatives, using a trusted network of developers, copywriters and photographers.

Our passion lies in helping organisations help others; using the skill(s) and knowledge to push forward social change through design. This could be helping organisations reach out to a community through a unique brand; or helping a charity stand out and reach out to people through an engaging and impactful website. We also passionate about working within the arts and culture sectors, work has involved publications, posters and campaigns.

Outside of client work, we can often be found working and collaborating on personal projects.

Please have a look at some of the projects we have worked on in the last few years. If you have any questions, or fancy a chat about a project, please contact 0785 606 9355 or email hello@sailcreative.co.uk (alternatively, pop into the studio!).