A week in pictures

A week in pictures
Things we’ve seen and things that inspired us recently.

Last week, we were lucky enough to go on a photography shoot to London with new client, Bodyfresh.

Bodyfresh do physiotherapy, fitness and nutrition. Our aim was to get some photos that showed the range of work they do. We shot in a studio and on location at a local gym, with the result being powerful and emotive imagery that will underpin the brand story. Watch this space for the brand identity which we are currently working on.

Many brands use stock photography to ‘save money’, but the issue with this is that you may end up with the same photography as your competitors, they are also generic. If you invest in bespoke photography, you are left with unique images that are tailored to your needs. Bespoke photography can really make your brand pop. We will aim to do a full blog post on why and how to go about bespoke photography in the new year.

We made the most of London and stayed an extra night, to have a look round and get some inspiration. At Sail we have a strong philosophy of getting away from our desks for that creative break, even just one day a month can do the mind wonders. It can inspire ideas for any project you may be working on and leaves you feeling refreshed and motivated to get back to projects.

Our visiting list included Somerset House, Soho, Camden and winter wonderland (had to be done and definitely got us in the Christmas spirit!) – all visually inspiring places.

Now refreshed and ready for the last Christmas week!

Have a great one!

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