Newcastle is a beautiful, vibrant and community spirited city and this current pandemic has only reinforced this all the more. So many individuals, independent businesses, charities and communities have jumped into action to support each other and this needs to be shared and celebrated. We have a created a map of the city to help join the dots and highlight some of the amazing support that is being offered right here on our doorstep in response to Coronavirus.

Our loved indies are currently in crisis, but it doesn’t stop them from bringing us daily creativity, support, entertainment and delicious food too. We have highlighted some of them on the map, dreaming of when we can visit again. Some however, are only able to extend their arm online, so please use the handy key we have created to help navigate the best way to reach out to them and your community.

The current situation is thankfully a temporary one and for this reason this will be a fluid and ever changing map that will move with the circumstances. If you have any questions, additions or comments please contact:

If you would like have a place on the map or know of anyone that might benefit from this, please get in touch and share any useful resources with us.

If there is one thing that creating this map has highlighted, it is that Newcastle is a caring, connected and creative city, so many people are thinking of new and innovative ways to reach out, which is both humbling and a beam of hope in this current time.

Thank you, stay strong and stay connected Newcastle xxx