Who we are

Sail are an award-winning, effective design practice. We are rooted in our mission: real-world impact through creativity. We hand select clients that are on the forefront of change and collaborate with those who recognise the value of creativity and partnerships to elevate their impact.

Creative thinking, community cohesion and collaboration bring change, and brands that thrive are the ones that stand for something other than their bottom line.

Sail was founded to deliver meaningfully creative and strategic work, with organisations on the forefront of  positive social change. We are founded and ran by women and bring critical, divergent thinking across varied creative challenges using trusted design methodologies. Our outputs are creative campaigns, brands and communications that connect to audiences.

Our ideas are insight driven, strategically rooted, honest and effective. We work on projects with purpose, for clients that have ambition. Each project is always underpinned by a unique client story that we will work with you to unpick. Every asset and deliverable will have a golden thread, reason for being, and bring your brand personality to life.

We are not bound by convention and we don’t sell our souls for projects that don’t get our fire burning. If we don’t feel the spark, it’s a grateful thank you, but a polite no.

The future is collaboration and divergent thinking. Creatives, if you want to join our collective movement, say hi – we have coffee and plenty of biscuits!

What we do

  • Creative Workshops
  • Design Thinking
  • Community Engagement
  • Brand Strategy and storytelling
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Digital Design
  • Communications and Tone of Voice
  • Campaign Concept & Design