Mandy here! I’m Speaking on a panel today about being a B Corp UK as part of Venture Fest at The Common Room, alongside Graham Purvis Jessica Williams – MBA, FF.ISP. Katrina Appleyard and Nicki Clark OBE.

I will be sharing the story of why, as a micro business, we wanted to join the B Corp movement including the process, the benefits and the challenges. At Sail, it was about communicating our impact further than just words. As we know, actions speak louder. Danni Gilbert and I wanted to hold ourselves accountable to do better, and evidence that Sail Creative exists as a force for good. It was about being open to continuous learning (nobody is perfect—we certainly aren’t—and we each have a lot of work to do towards creating a better planet and fairer society).

As businesses (no matter how big or small) we have a platform, we hold decision making power, and we add to the consumption model and economic and social system (even if we do work with communities/socially focussed orgs). Because of that, we are in a position of privilege, and it is our responsibility to recognise that and use it for good. We must measure our impact, and do better. B Corp is a genuine ‘middle ground’ to encourage commercial businesses to do this. It is accessible, authentic, and credible (with international orgs such as the Guardian, Ben and Jerry’s and the Bodyshop, down to micro businesses like Sail).

It has many benefits; from a global network of shared knowledge and learning, to strengthening positioning and acting as an recognised accreditation for new business.

I wrote a blog on how to go through the process a while ago here, and what to do after you have received your accreditation, here.

The most important thing here though, is that you don’t HAVE to be a Certified B Corp to join the movement or to learn how to do better. We set up the North East B Social to do just that, to encourage conversation, collaboration and shared learning amongst organisations that are keen to make changes however big or small.

Keep an eye our for the next B Social, you can sign up to our mailing list here.