This week we feel frustrated, angry and motivated. We must always hold accountable our privileges and social power and how that prevents racial equality. Within the creative industry we have so much to do to reach race equality. We had a chat with Renee Davis(Instagram today to ask what more we can do as allies of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Renee is a writer, activist, marketer and social disruptor who founded Out The Box UK(Instagram @OutTheBoxUK), an award-winning hub for young black and brown creative & entrepreneurial talent. Based in London but growing. The main take aways were:

  • Be vocal and anti-racist
  • Share resources
  • Don’t stop when the news goes quieter, this has been happening for centuries and will not stop overnight
  • Be visible allies
  • Support black businesses
  • Create opportunities for black people

We discussed the importance of the Creative Industries taking responsibility to push for social economic equality. That means opportunities for people of colour, different ethnicities and black people; and striving for intersectionality and diversity. Creative industries (especially in the North East) must come together to tackle this problem. We have a few ideas that we are going to action, but studios, agencies and freelancers please feel free to share yours with us, together we can have more impact.