Calling all creatives / artists in Newcastle! 🎉

Newcastle City Centre Cultural and Creative Zone are looking for artists, creatives and cultural practitioners/freelancers to be part of their advisory and working groups, helping to guide and input into the newly defined Cultural and Creative Zone (CCZ) in Newcastle City Centre.

The purpose of the CCZ is to develop a specific area of Newcastle City Centre to be a place where artists, creatives, cultural practitioners and creative businesses can start, grow and establish themselves.

The project is guided by Newcastle City Council but is for the sector to embrace and influence. Therefore, there are regular openings for artists, creatives and practitioners to be paid for their time to input into a range of activity and sub-projects.

By artists, creatives and arts and cultural practitioners / freelancers this means anyone living or working in Newcastle upon Tyne who considers some or all of their career to be: in arts, culture, performance, music, theatre, comedy, dance, digital art, heritage, visual art, sculpture, film, TV, literature, festivals, poetry, audio, installation, moving image, design.

You can apply to be involved in any of the current openings by 31 May by clicking here:

Please also share across your network, it’s important we try and reach as many people as possible to ensure representation.