Curious Celebrations

It’s not every night (although we wish it were) you get to celebrate diversity, intersectionality and the wonder and beauty of our humanity. Curious 2019 did not disappoint!

Curious 2019 was a beautiful whirlwind of comedy, performance, socially focussed discussion, politics, celebration and pride. For ten days, the North East was alive and energetic across some of our favourite venues as we got to be grateful members of the audience across Alphabetti Theatre, Live Theatre, Dance City, Northern Stage and Tyneside Cinema.

The opening night at Live Theatre was performed by Young People, 14-17. From music, performance, poetry and music, it validated the need for visibility, expression and self acceptance; and the importance of safe spaces for young people to surround themselves with like-minded people that embrace individuality.

There was also Drag Story Time, a story time like no other; hosted by Seven Stories.


Melody Sproates show ‘Gender not Inlcuded’ at Alphabetti Theatre was a raw, emotional and funny act of popular music turned into a story of gender identity, exploration, and acceptance. Top lip sync action, with top tunes!


JG Tansley opened the show at Alphabetti with Space: Herstory. A captivating performance of socialism, equality and pride. We wish we could do both shows justice through writing this blog, but we just can’t, so you will have to go see them for yourselves, you will not be disappointed!


There is a brilliant interview by Narc with Melody and JG, read it here.

The vogue ball was the ultimate celebration-the next level! And no, it wasn’t invented by Madonna…


Voguing is a highly stylised, modern house dance developed in the 1980’s by LGBTQ people of colour to create and own their own space, becoming a celebration of their culture.


If you missed it, you truly missed out. However, you are in luck- you can catch the Curious stage this year at Northern Pride. A big thank you to the Curious Crew, the performers, venues and audience for such an uplifting, exploratory and cultural few days.


Images by Michael McGuire.

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