We’re one step closer to equality, but our work is not yet done. The theme of International Womxn’s Day 2020 is ‘Each for Equal’ and we want to shout from the rooftops about Northern womxn who set out to level the playing field.

"Having a privilege is not a crime, but being transparent, and helping others should be encouraged."

Joanne Coates, Photographer, International Womxn's Day 2020, #eachforequal

Joanne Coates, Award Winning Photographer, Mentor, Founder of Lens Think

Joanne Coates’ stunning yet honest approach to storytelling through photography focuses on working life challenges and class inequality in rural North East England. Founder of Lens Think, a creative social platform, Joanne demands progressional change and equality by offering opportunity, acknowledgement and exposure to female photographers and marginalised groups in the visual arts.

@joannercoates | @lensthinkuk | joannecoates.co.uk

"Consider your privilege... there's a seat at the table for everyone."

Laura Rothwell, Crystallised, International Womxn's Day 2020, #eachforequal

Laura Rothwell, Entrepreneur, Founder, Crystallised

Laura Rothwell, Founder and Managing Director at Crystallised, provides marketing, PR, events and allyship for ethically, culturally or socially motivated organisations. The multi award-winning marketer, with 17 years of experience under her belt, works closely with organisations with a conscience in a bid to make a social difference.



Nicola Wood, Entrepreneur, Founder -The Wonderful Wig Company

A perfect example of passion, drive and resulting success, Nicola Wood, Founder of The Wonderful Wig Company, has been helping those in remission from cancer “feel like you again.” Nicola’s passion is derived from her own journey battling breast cancer, in particular, her struggles with her own appearance, which had a huge impact on her wellbeing. Nicola is dedicated to providing good quality wigs and service to anyone who requires them in the North-East region, including a purpose-built hair loss studio – the first of its kind.



Meg Ellis, Entrepreneur, Head of Community -Iweigh

An international pioneer for body positivity, Meg Ellis, Head of Community at Iweigh uses Instagram the right way, for social good. Ellis, responsible for the activist platform’s organic growth to one million followers, focusses on building a strong community of body positivity activists and unapologetically stands up for underrepresented voices. Meg is now special advisor to the CEO of UN Women.

@megellisuk | @i_weigh

"Translate anger into action, preferably with others."

Penny Remfrey, Rape Crisis Tyneside, International Womxn's Day 2020, #eachforequal

Penny Remfrey, Founder, Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland, Producer, Scarlett Women

Penny Remfrey, marked history during the Women’s Liberation Movement when she co-founded Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland, co-Produced the Scarlett Women National Newsletter that focussed on gender inequality and voiced women’s frustrations and difficulties of the time as well as campaigned for the Working Women’s Charter for equal pay, equal opportunities, maternity leave and childcare. Penny continues her vital work as a trustee with Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland.


Claire Briston, Young Adult Carers Support Worker, Newcastle Carers

We have worked with Claire on multiple projects to raise awareness of Young Adult Carers. We have been constantly inspired by her ruthless passion and determination to provide support and create community for young adult carers. In every group there is equality, and the young team are put at the heart and are included in every decision. Claire makes a better place for these young people every day.


Special mentions to other incredible womxn:

Sharon Stephenson & Kay Greef, The Crafthood

Dr Gemma Bone Dodds, All In Agency UK

Penny Walters, Food Power

Belmira Monteiro, The Comfrey Project

Saliah Bryan, Activist & Designer

Rosie Ramsey, Podcast, Author

Chloe Rodham, Freelance

Katherine Wildman, Copywriter

Juli Vignette, Designer

Lily Avery, 11 y/o Student and Climate Change Visionary

Laura McCartney, Freelance

Rachel Horton, Culture Vulture

Gemma Ashby, Tyne and Wear Archive and Museums

Sarah Cotton, Seven Stories

Laura Mason, Business Development, Natwest

Alex Sickling, ceramist and Artist

Melissa Beckett, Business Development, Natwest


This International Womxn’s Day we would love to hear who your inspirational women of 2020 are and why.