A brand can vary widely, we cost things up dependent on the client ambitions, the risk, the stakeholder management, and the need of the business. Firstly, it depends on what the business needs; just a logo and visuals, or is it the core foundations, the strategy, the ongoing marketing support?

Bad design is expensive. If a brand is not done with consideration, quality and knowledge, it will have to be done again as it will not be reaching people, landing effectively or standing out as an authority in your market. All of which are detrimental to organisation success/reach.

If the strategy is not translated into creative design; many opportunities are missed affecting positioning, messaging and impact. A good measurement is that if you are a startup and B2C, 20% of your budget should be invested in branding. Costs can vary from £1,000 with a freelancer up to £15,000, £30,000+ with a big agency. A brand is also much more than a logo, it is your strategy, an organisations story and positioning. Get it right, and it will pioneer you forward, accelerate an organisation and last a lifetime.