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  • How do I collaborate with Sail?

    Glad you asked! Sail are always looking to connect with a wide range of practitioners, researchers, academics, creatives, artists, writers. Please feel free to get in touch, with your portfolio, day rate or to arrange a chemistry meeting: 💥

  • Why is accessibility important?

    Accessible design means that a wider range of people are able to access information online, and offline with ease. When working with creatives, accessibility should be their priority. Not just obvious things like colour contrast and typography, but Alt Tags and accessible language. If you are not accessibility checking communications, you could be missing a core audience. It is also becoming more and more regulated that leading brands have to adhere to best practice accessibility.

    In design and marketing this translates to websites, print or marketing materials, social media as well as the written copy, images, videos and other media we use across all of these platforms. 

    When creating your materials, think about two things. The first, is that it’s about context. Second, think about your intent and considerations of your audience.

  • What is co-production?

    Co-production is quite simply, the act of producing something, together. With a community instead of for ‘nothing for me, without me’. Why try and guess what people want, need, value, and feel when you can ask and listen to them directly, gaining real-life evidence and insights to test assumptions? That is the power of co-production.

    Asking, listening and co-creation have the power when combined to create an authentic message/brand/tone that audiences will identify with and feel aligned to. It also increases the longevity of a brand and the organisation as it is designed with the target audience for the target audience.

  • What is storytelling?

    Humans are natural born storytellers. Stories connect people to the world around them – and they leave their mark. A story is one of the most powerful means that we have to influence, teach, and inspire, and every change starts with a story. Everyday experiences have the power to convey culture, history, values and perspectives.

    According to National Geographic, ’Storytelling is universal to the human experience, and truly great stories succeed in extracting meaning from the everyday.’ These can be written, visual, beliefs or personal experiences, providing audiences with a window to a new world, or a new way of thinking.

    A good story is a vessel for information, it has the power to communicate ideas, enable us to feel, connect, convene and compel. Culture can be defined by the stories we tell about ourselves.

    By embracing storytelling, brands can communicate beyond a service or a product. They can provide insight, emotion, hope.

  • Will a small studio be able to handle a bigger project?

    In short, absolutely! We like to say we’re small but mighty, which translates to ‘we’re a small core team, with an incredible network of collaborators with skills ranging from website development, spoken word poetry, animation and videography, marketing and activation, to copywriting that will make your business sing!’ We believe wholeheartedly in bringing in the right people, and the right skills, together for your project.