Hope for the creative and cultural industries

Sail are part of the Industry Champion network for NESTA and the PEC. We share our insights of the creative and cultural industries that then informs policy.

A recent event looked at the value and growth of the creative sector, the importance of micro businesses and their contribution to the economy, and the strong reputation of the UK creative industry globally.

Further research will include:

  • More concentration across the UK
  • Support for start-up to scale-up (there is a big gap where startups are not scaling, due to lack of support, knowledge and funding)
  • Gender equality around flexible working and care responsibilities being equal
  • More focus on creative education and opportunities, so that this and STEM go hand in hand
  • Immersive digital opportunities

The event proved and evidenced strong reason for why an organisation such as the PEC exists. As a small creative business owner, I left feeling hopeful and optimistic about the PEC’s focus on the future of the industry.