Mandy here!

On Tuesday I attended a virtual session with PEC who provide independent recommendations for the creative industries, to advocate the value of the sector and push for change. I am part of the industry champion panel & we provide insight & evidence from the ground to help shape recommendations. The PEC is now located between Newcastle and London, which is brilliant news – widening representation and reach. They are doing some incredible things across R&D, EDI, & Creative Education.

Some points of focus:
💡 Raising aspirations within low socio economic backgrounds through education and visibly
💡 Encouraging collaboration across industries & practitioners
💡 Identifying future leaders to ensure people from diverse backgrounds are in positions of power
💡 Pushing for a 360 view of intersectionality and systemic barriers
💡 adopting the phrase Global Majority instead of BAME, POC, Marginalised groups etc – language matters.

Felt very energised after the call, always encouraging to lift your head up from the day to day be part of the bigger picture. Action and optimism is needed now more than ever – to push for systemic impact.

Find out more about the PEC here: