Today marks International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality. At Sail we are passionately dedicated to raising awareness of periods and the menopause. We believe that periods and the menopause shouldn’t be taboo subjects and women should feel supported, educated and empowered to talk freely about how they are affected by it.

In honour of IWD, today we are sharing the work of two fantastic organisations Wen (Women’s Environmental Network) and Pausitivity, as well as, the Period’s – A Brief Jaunt Up North exhibition that is currently showing at the Thackeray Museum of Medicine in Leeds.



“Wen connects, inspires and mobilises women to take action on issues that connect gender, health and the environment. Through collective action and campaigning, we work together towards a healthier planet.”

One of the campaigns that Wen founded is Environmenstrual, an initiative with the aim of raising awareness of hidden plastic and chemicals in conventional menstrual products. They promote reusable and organic options that not only are better for your body but also don’t harm the environment.

We encourage you to say no to harmful period products and seek out healthier environmentally friendly alternatives.

Here are a few of our personal favourites…

Two women smiling holding their Menopause information poster


Founded by two women with one simple aim to make the world #KnowYourMenopause

The campaign started after Elizabeth Carr-Ellis and Clare Shepherd recognised through her own experience the huge lack of awareness, knowledge and support for women both before and during the menopause.

Although menopause affects nearly all women there is still sadly a huge stigma surrounding the subject. Women don’t speak out about the symptoms they are experiencing due to being viewed as overly emotional, which paints them in a bad light or they even may miss out on promotion!

Elizabeth, therefore, had the idea to create a poster to highlight menopause symptoms so that women will know what they are before they start experiencing them for themselves.

The Pausitivity website features a menopause support pack to help women understand what may be happening to their mind and body during menopause which includes useful resources such as self-care tips and how to get the support you need in the workplace.

Images of the menopause and period exhibition

Period’s – A Brief Jaunt Up North

Originally created by London’s Vagina Museum this exhibition focuses on all things menstruation from the history of periods to the myths and stigmas surrounding them.

Leeds-based charity Freedom4Girls, two local artists, Leigh Bowser and Alice Needham and four other community groups have come together to add to the original exhibition, creating a bold and vibrant display of both education and inspiration.

The exhibition features quotes from women describing how periods affect them…

“My cramps are debilitating. The dizziness!!”

“It’s hell”

“Period diarrhoea is the worst”

The exhibition is running until Sunday 10th April at the Thackeray Museum of Medicine in Leeds and is definitely worth a visit.

Find out more information here

Women doing great work showcase

Period Positive

“It’s time to educate ourselves and others on shame-free menstruation talk, and break the cycle of secrecy, fear and misinformation about periods.

Period taboos and the habits that uphold them lead to negative consequences like period poverty, late diagnoses of reproductive health problems, sustainability issues, unsafe behaviour, gender discrimination, and social exclusion all around the world, including right here in the UK.”

Rock My Menopause

“Rock My Menopause was set up to give women the confidence to recognise and discuss their symptoms and equip families, friends, employers and the wider public with information about the menopause to support women at this time of life.”

Katy Kettner

“Helping people understand, care for and live in harmonious sync with their changing bodies is my mission.

I am fascinated about the lived experiences of our bodies in our society today and I truly believepelvic health plays a pivotal role in our overall well being and quality of life.

Women should not be suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction when there is high quality, informed and evidence based care available. There is a vast amount of evidence to suggest most conditions of pelvic floor dysfunction can be resolved quickly with Physiotherapy. This is my passion!”

Miss Menopause

“Miss Menopause works across every business sector, private and public, serving many global organisations, to deliver menopause awareness training and menopause education for all.”