Mandy here 👋

Happy International Women’s Day to those fierce, courageous women constantly pushing for change, day in, day out, against the tide.

Women have played (and continue to play) a crucial part towards a more just, democratic, humanistic, peaceful and equitable world. We must, however, make sure International Women’s Day does not become an empty rhetoric, another ‘marketing’ tool that corporates can tap into to stroke their ego and instead use their brand as a platform for genuine, deep change. We must celebrate those at grassroots level – those local and community heroes doing it for the other 364 days of the year. Coutts are using their platform to do just that and Sail are featured in their London window display alongside other women-led, progressive, B Corp businesses. 💥

We have a long way to go towards things such as reproductive rights, violence against women and girls, gender equality, and recognition for unpaid carers. This is a daily job, and I know many women working towards a better world. From my mum, my nieces and my sisters to my friends, professional network and collaborators. To all the awesome women out there, THANK YOU.Most importantly, remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Surround yourself with those who energise you and you can learn from. Be compassionate to yourself as we are to others, and most importantly, celebrate the work you are doing (big or small) to smash through broken systems. WE GOT THIS. 💪