International Women’s Day 2024

Today is international womens day. At Sail, being female founded, we celebrate this everyday with our 5 strong women-led team and majority women partners.

This years IWD theme is #InspireInclusion, but surely it’s now about going beyond ‘inspiring’? We all know why it’s needed, we all talk about it and inclusion is a word overused. For us, it’s now about action towards inclusion. And there are many layers within this.

We need employers, society, governments and people in power to start taking action towards progress including flexible working and spaces, wellbeing and disability support, diversity and mental health awareness, supporting motherhood and caring roles, and being allies to body and health differences and changes. This isn’t about blogs, accreditations, ticking boxes with a diverse team, promo shots or having all the answers of how to do it all properly (it’s complex). It’s about being compassionate, recognising and understanding intersectionality. It’s about conversation. It’s about doing a health check on how people are, asking what individuals need, and building a human-need based workplace where people feel safe, supported and advocated for. It’s about normalising and encouraging people to bring their personal lives to work. It’s about being human.

Sail often do some form of self initiated research campaign for International Womens Day, and this year we have chosen to focus on a big stigma – the menopause. Something that is a barrier in workplaces for many reasons, from the stigma, to lack of social understanding to lack of conversation and compassion. We talk about this at Sail a lot, some of us are peri menopausal, some are not and scared of what is to come.

So we took action and asked our fellow friends and family:

“What makes you most nervous about menopause, and for those that have been through it, what advice would you give?”

Here are some of the answers. What would yours be?

And a special thank you to some incredible clients championing gender equity and making waves and progress daily: The Girls Network, Cherie Blair Foundation and  Women’s Environmental Network