Punk is not dead

We’ve submitted our design for the Fedrigoni UK calendar, in which 365 designers were selected to submit ideas for a 2020 calendar that will be printed showing different ideas and skillsets.

Each participant was asked to contribute a piece of work interpreting a date provided to them at random. Confines were established to challenge each designer’s creativity by restricting the book to one colour print, which forced their pieces to focus strictly on concept, shape and form. Through these parameters the Calendar has shaped into a beautiful visual story whose pace varies from page to page, and spread to spread.

We can’t reveal what date we got yet, but here’s a clue: punk is not dead, or is it?

Curious Celebrations

It’s not every night (although we wish it were) you get to celebrate diversity, intersectionality and the wonder and beauty of our humanity. Curious 2019 did not disappoint!

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Autism Activists!

Our very own Danni Gilbert has helped form the Autism Activists alongside Thought Foundation and North East Autism Society, to help give young autistic people a voice through art. Read in her own words how the whole thing unfolded.

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Welcome Chris!

We welcome Chris to the Sail team, an ambitious, passionate creative that brings a wealth of branding experience & entrepreneurial spirit along with a personal interest in social impact.

Welcome Chris, change is a’coming!

Conversation Is Golden

We are saturated with content and noise. Compelling campaigns convince us to buy products we don’t need. Many aesthetically beautiful, but created through perception over conversation. 

We believe there is a better way to work.

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Be More Pirate

“Today, if we want to improve this picture, of our future, we have to do it ourselves. The only way out of this mess is a little less Instagram and a lot more action. Take a deep breath and break some rules, because it’s only amongst a little chaos that we find the best beginnings of new creation and opportunity.”

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