Your voice counts: use your vote

Your voice counts, use your vote in local elections today!

Since 2008, austerity in the UK has led to:
• Funding cuts of 49% for local authorities
• £950m fall in spending on legal aid
• Doubling of the use of food banks
• 478 library closures and a cut of 230,000+ opening hours
• 5.8% cut in adult social care
• 600 youth centres closed

During the same period, the richest one thousand people in the UK have had a wealth increase of £83bn – enough – the Equality Trust calculated, to pay the grocery bills of every family using food banks for fifty six years.

From Facts and Figures, the Deepest Cuts: Austerity Measured, New Statesman 2018.

Good business festival: seeing businesses as a force for good. 

Last week, I attended Good Business Festival to debate, discuss, ideate and collaborate on how businesses can do better, be more responsible, and pave the way for change. I wanted to share some insights…

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Transgender Day of Visibility: start the conversation, celebrate 🏳️‍⚧️

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility otherwise known as TDOV. It is a global, annual celebration of trans, gender non-confirming and non-binary people with the aim of raising awareness of the discrimination still faced by trans people all over the world today, and what needs to be done to achieve freedom and solidarity. 

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Together with Refugees Day 2022

Today is Together with Refugees day of action, which was founded by Asylum Matters, British Red Cross, Freedom from Torture, Rainbow Migration, Refugee Action, Refugee Council and Scottish Refugee Council all with the same belief in showing compassion for people fleeing war, persecution or violence.

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How to go through the B Corporation process

Getting a B Corporation Certification is a rigorous process and I keep getting asked about our experience, so I wanted to share some insight on a wider scale. This is a blog on how we moved through the process. 

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International Women’s Day 2022

At Sail we are passionately dedicated to raising awareness of periods and the menopause. We believe that periods and the menopause shouldn’t be taboo subjects and women should feel supported, educated and empowered to talk freely about how they are affected by it.

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