Creating a community for #Covid19 creativity

During this surreal time, we need to be kept creatively inspired, so we have created a site and project for people to share ideas, posters, phrases, writing, baking; anything that is keeping us balanced through this situation.

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“Values before profit”: The design studio born from £800 and the desire to make a difference

Thank you to Chloe from Bdaily for such an accurate representation of our interview. A needed thing to read reminding me of Sails journey, considering the current uncertain climate. It’s a time where we will be forced to reprioritise, super important in times like this to go back to your values, and purpose. Look after each other. Strength, solidarity and social change. Sail has been a long climb. 

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Fishing into the Future

A recent project in collaboration with photographer Joanne Coates, Fishing into the Future showcases stories of those in the fishing communities, working hard to make a living.

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How can we work together when we are working apart?

This is a question that is now at the centre of everything we are doing at Sail. Our clients have never needed our support more than now. We have just come off a zoom call with Newcastle Carers, who are one of our most beloved organisations in the region and this same question is now running through their organisation, for them the impact of this is huge. 

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Tips for working remotely (during a pandemic!)

Working remotely can be isolating, particularly during a pandemic. We wanted to share our processes and the technology we use.

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We need radical change and we need it now.

‘No one is too small to make a difference.’ Greta Thunberg

As we enter uncertain times both economically and socially, we must remember to support each other. Sail are thankful to be in an industry where we can work remotely, we are a small and agile team, but there are going to be tests ahead to keep afloat. Small businesses, freelancers, arts, culture and non-profits are going to be affected hugely and we are with you and support you. 

There are many organisations we know and love, and we vouch to do our best to support you through this difficult time. We have already seen clients and collaborators go into crisis. We will be donating some of our time to community projects and volunteering (even if from afar), and it’s up to bigger organisations to take some major responsibility to support smaller ones. We need radical change and we need it now. We are in for a bumpy ride, but buddy up, take each day as it comes and the world will change before our eyes. We will find new ways of working, find strength in solidarity and reprioritise for the better. If we can help with anything, please shout. X