RACE MATTERS. It matters not only because equality is a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT. It matters for representation, perspective, dignity, respect, evolution, humanity.

Today, black out Tuesday – what an incredible campaign showing solidarity gone viral. But, don’t just post. Share resources. Educate each other. We can all do more but we need the signposts.

White people need to learn to feel uncomfortable. The world is built on structural racism, we need to DO MORE. 

Follow, read, listen and learn. Connect with the accounts of black voices. Donate to a black organisation so they can continue their crucial work. Think of ways YOUR workplace can do more. ASK black people. Understand your privilege and what you can do to do more…

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Access for all – well overdue.

Art organisations: put down your power. Inspired by recent tweet @joverrent

Unlimited commission disabled artists in the UK to produce groundbreaking work. They improve accessibility and push systemic change. ‘The arts sector is built on privilege, putting physical buildings at the centre means excluding the different. It’s time to CHANGE.’ Covid19 has proved this can happen, accessibility and digital should have been pushed long ago.

We worked on two projects with them in 2018 and 2019, about increasing inclusion and asking the challenge questions in the sector about inclusion. You can download the cards for inclusion here https://weareunlimited.org.uk/cards-for-inclusion/ Start the conversation.

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Stamping out the stigma

Danni here – Today is the first day that marks Mental Health Awareness week and I wanted to take this opportunity to shout about The Made of Millions Foundation and to share my own experiences with mental health in the hope that we can all keep taking positive steps forward in fighting the stigma. 

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What to ask a design studio before working with them on branding

Deciding who to work with on creative work, branding or design can be a challenge. If you are not experienced in working with a creative or in the industry, it’s often hard to tell apart who has the right skills and who doesn’t. Skills and experience vary so much, prices can vary from 500 quid to 100k+.

I wanted to share some tips on the best approach for those that may not have purchased design before. Before gathering quotes, have a read…

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Stop scrolling start reading

My phone screen time is on average 4.5 hours a day. It is growing in lockdown…I love to escape this. To do this, I make time to read. In the past 4 years I have read a lot of books. From meditation, novels, business books, creativity to neuroscience. Reading has helped me grow in a way that nothing else has. And it doesn’t have to be an hour a day, sometimes I read for as short as 5-10 minutes.

Before realising the effects of reading, it always seemed a chore – but I now love it, because I have experienced what it contributes to professional growth, personal growth and relationships. It feeds your brain and your soul. It creates escapism. It helps create new ideas, gives insight to new worlds, positively challenges thinking and defines moments. Being a creative, it has helped me develop skills, articulate ideas, grow in confidence, influence concepts and draw upon references.

It helps me be able to reference things, because I absorb myself in books and learning (or escape the world with a novel). Insight is value. It helps you grow. It creates energy, drive and forward thinking. If there is one thing I would recommend being a creative, reading is it.

By Mandy Barker

We perform at our best when we are healthy and happy. How hugging, stretching and gratitude will train our brain to get us through this…

To deal with change, we must commit to looking after our wellbeing and take each day at a time. Our friend Lou Willis-Keeler, a behavioural and wellbeing consultant from Psych-logical has kindly written some top tips for us to share with you. Grab a brew, take some time out and find some very practical how-to tips!

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