📢 Big news 📢 Newcastle of University & The RSA (The royal society for arts, manufactures and commerce) will be the new hosts to the Creative PEC (who provide independent research and policy recommendations for the UK’s creative industries). The twin hub model across the North and South will bring enormous benefits to the UK’s creative sector.

To make good, impactful policy decisions on how to support the creative industries and ensure the UK remains a world leader, we need robust evidence and independent advice. The Creative PEC is at the heart of these debates providing an impartial, reliable and challenging voice. Industry Champions have played a pivotal role in ensuring that our policy priorities are informed by the most pressing needs of the sector and the people working in it.

The next phase of Creative PEC will be made up of four priority thematic areas led by four organisations:

  • R&D, Innovation and Clusters (Sussex University)

  • Creative Education, Skills, Talent (Work Advance)

  •  Internationalisation (Newcastle University)

  • The Arts, Cultural & Heritage sectors (University of Sheffield)

The next phase will build on our work over the past five years, growing the evidence base about the creative industries by:

  • Addressing industry and government identified priorities

  • Advancing research into the longer-term challenges and opportunities facing the sector

The PEC will do this by:

  • Producing our own new research

  • Acting as a platform for policy-relevant research produced by others

  • Engaging policymakers through embedding researchers in policymakers’ planning and design cycles

Sail have been part of the PEC (to be part of providing insight on the ground from a creative biz perspective) alongside other practitioners for a couple of years with regular trips to London so this is GREAT news for the North! 💥 🎉 Brilliant seeing the region going from strength to strength.