Inspiration for me often comes from an extensive back catalogue of nostalgic tv, music and film references all stored in my head.

Over the years I have absorbed many off beat quirky films, cult classics, homegrown indies and world cinema. There might only be a single moment that gets stored, a piece of music, a visual snapshot or a memorable quote. When my mind collects that snapshot or moment it stays with me forever, I carry it around stored in my mental filing cabinet waiting for the right moment where It can be referenced when the right creative project comes along.

Ornate music box with a man dressed in a suit on the top holding a fish

I recall a branding project I worked on a few years ago was influenced by the opening credits of Camberwick Green (for those old enough to remember), the spinning musical box would turn to the music and slowly open to reveal a world of secrets. The emotional response I would have watching this as a child is the same feeling I get when a creative idea comes along, it’s something that can’t be articulated through explanation only, you have to experience it.

Yesterday I sat and watched the new Gorillaz video ‘Aries’ — it’s apocalyptic visuals, teamed with a sense of longing and isolation in this current time inspired me and I immediately sat drawing. For me to be engaged creatively I need to feel something, and film and music has the ability to generate that emotional response I need.

The back of Danni's head looking at a computer screen with a red background and white w's in multiple different design styles.