“We believe that positive social change will come about only when barriers of gender, class, ethnicity, race, educational background, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, and faith traditions are overcome.” Women's Fund Central Ohio

Women's Fund Central Ohio

Our commitment to social justice is at the centre of everything we stand for. Our anti-racism statement explains our vision, beliefs, and commitment to this into action in our organisation. As we advance our mission of using design as a catalyst for change, we will be relentless in confronting and removing the racist and gender barriers that impede positive social impact. We will work tirelessly to ensure that our methods and ways of working adopts and supports intersectional, equitable measures that value all lives and experiences, especially those of people of colour. This includes being selective with our supply chain, where we buy from and who we work with.

We will bravely demand solutions that close the gender and racial wealth gap and create gender and racial parity in leadership roles. We will also continue to boldly fund programmes that promote economic empowerment of and leadership opportunities for women and girls of colour because when they lead and prosper, we all flourish.

Never has there been a greater need for collective power. We must work together now to eliminate the racism that stands in the way of equality. Now is the time to seek understanding, eradicate our biases, use our voices, and forever change the abhorrent cultural norms that have held down too many for too long.

We join our community in condemning racism, demanding change, and doing the hard work to make that positive social change a reality.