The most impactful organisations today know that branding is no longer just about perfection, it’s about connection. They know the impact of going beyond average. They are the ones that scale, as well as drive forward change.

Growth and connection is achieved through movements and experience, and branding and communications are a constant and exciting opportunity of work in progress. The organisations that recognise this, are the ones that drive forward change and see results.

Sail create projects, experiences and story-led design solutions through narrative, consultancy, participation and co-creation.

Sail was founded to deliver meaningfully creative and strategic work, with organisations on the forefront of  positive social change. We help organisations identify and drive a clear sense of purpose through everything they do, achieving scalable and sustainable impact.

Using conversation, understanding and collaboration, we have proven expertise and track record of strengthening organisations through creative ideas that build and redefine brands.

Through authentic investment, we engage; aiming for long-term impact. We strive for autonomous and meaningful experiences, allowing audiences to express their ideas which we then transform into creative and design-led solutions. Our process is insight driven, strategically rooted, honest and effective.

We work on projects with purpose, with clients that impact social change. Audience-led design is a catalyst for creativity, authentic social change, and a platform for connecting communities.