Lankelly Chase

A website for systemic change

Systemic Change is crucial to mobilise, devolve power and share decision making from within communities. Our shared values with Lankelly Chase acted as an acceleration, dedication and commitment to the project. Sail were commissioned to create a digital platform that was useful, meaningful and relevant.

Lankelly chase are an independent, charitable foundation and network striving for a world healed by justice, equity and inclusion.

The website had to reflect community, values and learning. It had to be an active and alive space. We had permission throughout to positively challenge, debate and question who the website was for; bringing the design process back to those that matter – the people using it.

What we did: Creative workshops, audience insight, web design and development.

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In the first phase, we worked closely with Lankelly Chase, stakeholders and community partners to define what they needed from a digital platform. This included running creative workshops based on sprint methodologies, and consulting closely with the wider network. 

Our ambition was to create a website that was a space of stories for systemic change. It had to be adaptable, flexible and future proof. Putting the community at the heart of the website enabled us to build a structure with features that were created with first-hand insight. Features that were requested from the audiences and communities we spoke to.

The process was intensive including user personas, journey’s, site architecture and mapping to ensure a robust brief was created before design began. The site had to be accessible by the wider community, in which they could have their own sections of the site to edit and update, to truly act as a democratic platform for organisations. For this reason, the site was built on WordPress, to ensure an industry standard, accessible and user-friendly, familiar platform. 

Accessibility was crucial with best practices adhered to throughout the project. We partnered with ReciteMe who have software that is constantly developed to ensure inclusive experiences. 

Working with Lankelly Chase was one of our corner stone moments in our experience as a social change studio. It was a learning curve in that we understood on a deeper level that real tangible change, needs to feel uncomfortable. 

Discomfort is central to social justice work and you have to be prepared to be challenged and questioned and have assumptions put to the test. 

We experienced this from the project get go right through the entire process, everybody involved had their own perspectives, experiences and ideas and together we learned how to navigate through this, bringing everyone along guided by a shared common goal.

One word that we kept hearing was ‘permission’, Initially we found this word odd but came to learn that meant the importance of allowing a space for uncertainty, to be challenged, and to question where the ‘no’ is in any decision.

We learned to practice what we preach, to trust the process and to ‘allow’ time and space to see what emerges throughout the creative process. We have never been one for ‘instant solutions’ and this deepened our practice as social designers.

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