Deeming people’s lives as important

Rainbow Home provides a safe and confidential space with specialist support from people who really understand the challenges of both seeking asylum and of being LGBTQ. They exist to walk the asylum journey alongside each individual, from the moment they are accepted into the service until after their asylum case has reached a final decision, and beyond. They’re all about giving their members a voice to tell their own story. Everyone has the right to be heard and to be themselves, without fear.

Through creative and strategic workshops with the Rainbow Home team, Sail gained a real understanding of their current challenges. It was crucial we gained insight into the barriers that LGBTQ people seeking asylum face so that their stories and experiences could be articulated whilst being sensitive to anonymity.

Our starting point was to look at Rainbow Home’s name. Because the word ‘home’ has connotations with a ‘housing association’, we felt people may be confused. To combat this, Sail crafted the overarching brand story, ‘Where our stories live’ which was inspired by the visual metaphor of the open door within the rainbow Home logo. We then refined the logo to represent an open, welcoming and safe space. ‘Where our Stories Live’ shifts the perspective of the word ‘home’ and instead focuses on ‘living’ and creates a sense of belonging.

The brand needed to be human in order to deliver on an emotional level, so our illustrative approach is central to the brand identity – it’s imperative Rainbow Home’s members have anonymity for safeguarding reasons, so photography wasn’t appropriate.

Every creative decision needed to consider any potential language, communication and cultural barriers to ensure access to support and services are user-friendly and communicated with clarity. The tone and functionality of the website also needed to be accessible to funding organisations and potential collaborators.

The board was blown away by the vibrant and positive website that Sail created. The illustrative approach really captured what we want for our members: freedom, belonging and self-expression, whilst understanding the sensitivity of our members' situations. We now have a website and a brand style that puts us in a strong position to show others the great work that Rainbow Home does. Finding an agency that really shares your passion for making a difference and for working in a minority space makes such a difference for a project like this.

Dani Stone - Rainbow Home