Fostering reimagined

Now Foster is a not-for-profit start-up that raises the bar for service delivery in fostering. They want to make the experience of foster care seamless for carers, loving and supportive for children and young people, and meaningful for social workers. And if that isn’t a plus, we don’t know what is.

Forget everything you think you know about fostering. Foster Now’s mission is to get more excellent people into foster care. Which means they needed to dramatically change the perception of fostering. Fostering can and should be an inspirational life choice. When you foster, you foster self-discovery. The same life you love to live, with added purpose. More dynamic. More fulfilled. Your life, on a new adventure.

They tasked Sail with creating a bold brand that reaches new audiences outside the usual fostering circles and one that would raise awareness and understanding of the whole picture of fostering.

Fostering change is about shifting perceptions. Taking outdated perceptions of fostering, and changing the narrative to be about what fostering will add to your life. Enter our ‘plus sign’.

The plus sign illustrates how fostering enhances your life and is a strong storytelling tool especially when it’s used in conjunction with real imagery. It allowed us to create a memorable, visual brand through a simple graphic device.

This is an organisation that’s been built on the foundations of disrupting the status quo through innovation. But innovation doesn’t need to feel overly futuristic, distant, or cold. Innovation can be an empathetic application process. Inclusive, encouraging, convenient, accessible and supportive.

Sail is delighted + proud to have been part of fostering change.