Putting people’s experiences into the limelight

Two feminine lesbians walking hand in hand. Holding hands across the dinner table. Kissing in public. The list goes on and they can cause unwanted attention. I wanted to share these experiences, and those of others as a collective exhibition. And so Words Bare was born.

This was a self-initiated project that was driven purely by passion. I had no expectations, but I booked an exhibition space in Newcastle which meant I couldn’t go back.

Many LGBTQs are still victims of prejudice, regularly challenged through social comments and actions, simply for being who they are. I started gathering research from members of the LGBTQ community to showcase real-life experiences. Some may seem insignificant, some shocking; but they all contribute to social discrimination. Each experience shown, will undoubtedly, have caused humiliation or discomfort. Words Bare questions why these views are still very present and vocalised today and the exhibition challenged this intolerance.

“ I am very much interested in social change and challenging the status quo through creativity. As a member of the LGBTQ community, Words Bare was an obvious project for me, and began by recalling personal social challenges and reactions over the years. It enabled me to explore LGBTQ intolerance, and made me feel at ease knowing people go through similar experiences. It was hard work, out of hours, but it helped me grow personally, and professionally, and also gave me a reason to hold an exhibition. This was one of my proudest moments – taking a personal stand for the LGBTQ community and making intolerance visible. It started a much-needed conversation.”

Mandy, Sail Co-founder