A new way forward

Sphera’s vision is to help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint and have a positive social and environmental impact globally. The new name had to be credible yet disruptive. Sphera is dynamic and is the feminine noun for ‘globe’ which represents the circular economy; the ambition of the CEOs. It was also important the brand had a strong why, which was identified as: building positive, carbon negative.

Sail’s visual brand concept ‘the Dandelion Effect’ reflects Sphera’s core mission, vision and values. Like Sphera, dandelions are tenacious, they take root, thrive and freely share their beauty. Sphera has discovered a revolutionary technique that has the power to drive real change in the construction industries, in our natural environment and beyond. Which is why the carefully considered colour palette and brand imagery take inspiration from our natural world and urban environment, and the tension creates a juxtaposition that reflects Sphera’s forward thinking approach that will change the course and offer a solution to real-world problems.

‘The Sail team is creative, friendly and talented. The whole process, which consisted of workshops and numerous feedback meetings, was collaborative and iterative which is exactly what we’d hoped for. The brand worlds and ideas they produced were impressive and allowed us to fine-tune our vision and direction. The initial strategy discussions led to a company name change. We’re overwhelmed with the final result and feel much more connected to the new brand and the clear vision it’s provided.’

Natasha Boulding, CEO, Sphera