Capturing possibility and optimism

As a new body, INE needed a vision and identity that reflected their spark and collaborative nature. Through workshops and conversations with their partners and stakeholders, Sail helped INE understand and articulate their vision.

Just like the INE landscape, the brand’s graphic system is ever-changing and ever- evolving. It uses movement and pattern through circular graphic shapes, each representing a moment of opportunity, an idea, knowledge shared and a newly emerged solution.

While their work is focused on the North East, INE’s vision is to become a national demonstrator for how universities can contribute to policy making. So our brand mark needed to be flexible in order to be adapted by other regions – whilst the larger radar subliminally represents the location of the North East, it allows other regions to adopt the framework and approach.

Sail has created a simple, flexible and timeless brand that will develop solutions to tackle critical issues that have a profound effect on residents and businesses across our region. It will also provide a blueprint for other cities to establish their own place-based initiative in the future.

Mandy, Designer