Creating a Cultural Shift

Sail was approached by Crystallised to create an impactful brand to increase competitive advantage, prepare for growth and international impact.

Crystallised deliver creative strategy across marketing, communications, PR and events for organisations across the creative industries such as the arts, film, culture, heritage, charities, destinations, social enterprises and start-ups. We worked closely with Crystallised to truly underpin the visions and purpose behind these radical thinkers and movement builders.

It was imperative we communicated their relentless passion towards accessible culture for all, and therefore approached the creative with a left-field perspective. Inspired by the name ‘Crystallised’ we created a brand based on the concept of refraction, the idea of peering through the looking glass to discover a new way of perceiving culture led us to create the idea of the ‘cultural shift’ which runs through the brands typography, photography and captures the very essence of the Crystallised vision.

“Sail used sector insight and primary audience research to create bold and conceptual ideas which they brought into a professional brand identity. The seamless process involved our team which increased alignment, dynamic and individual confidence. We now have a bold personality and visual identity that represents our positioning and vision. This has strengthened our reputation and grown our audience.”

Laura Rothwell, Managing Director, Crystallised

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