Love Beyond the Rainbow

How do you represent diversity and unity through visual language? You deconstruct the rainbow.

Partnering with BALTIC, Northern Stage and Sage Gateshead, Sail started a brand revolution and helped define their national positioning, strategy, identity and engagement.

The festival’s aim was to break boundaries, start dialogue and have political purpose, along with providing queer artists opportunities to showcase and perform.

Our idea focussed on ‘deconstruction’ using the LGBTQ flags to represent connections, culture and pride. The bold colours, shapes and fluid compositions underpin constant disruption, exploration and experimentation. The identity is a call to action, one that gathers communities to explore and celebrate LGBTQ culture. We worked with Curious on a brand strategy, visual identity, roll-out and campaigns. Curious are now an Arts Council Award winning brand, and recognised as the largest event of its kind in the North East, with strengthened positioning and reach nationally.

‘You only have to look at the Curious Brand Identity and materials to see the results of working with Sail, I have a strong brand that has set the organisation up for years to come and when I talk to people they say “Yeah I know Curious” I smile inside and out.’

Phil Douglas Curious Founder