WWin needed a campaign brand to support its audience facing communications and equip friends, family and the wider community to actively support and protect those experiencing domestic abuse.

WWiN’s early intervention and prevention approach to domestic abuse equips the audience to actively support and protect victims, recognising that these groups are an under-utilised resource to ending domestic violence. Statutory and third sector organisations are often unable to hear the concerns of these groups due to them being considered ‘third party’ and being viewed as ‘hearsay’.

Through regular internal conversations with the WWiN team Sail worked closely to understand the needs of the target audience, looking at barriers and perceptions around use of language and tone of voice in order to create an accessible, relatable and impactful campaign brand. This process included a naming workshop with the WWiN team to craft a name for the initiative that could inform and increase their ability to recognise and respond to victims of violence and abuse at the earliest opportunity.

Sail created a brilliant brand for our project which is eye-catching and accessible. They worked alongside us as the project was developing, and were flexible, responsive and curious - asking important questions to help shape the look and feel of this new service. Their interest and passion in both the work that they do and that we do is evident, and really enhances the whole process of working with them.

Ciara Barrett Smith - Project Coordinator