Queer is beautiful

We created an immersive campaign in the Newcastle Vans store, to celebrate Pride alongside other creatives across Europe as #TogetherAsOurselves. Our concept is about layered identities and embracing the beauty of queerness, away from the status quo and social expectations.

Often we fit into several identities – every human is beautifully complex. It’s important that the next generation embraces the intricacies of this and we open the conversation for them to do so, rather than feeling they have to be confined to one ‘label’ or stereotype. We must raise aspirations through telling stories, creatively celebrating and being open about exploring identities, rather than past track records of feeling shame for not fitting in to the status quo. Freedom of expression is key to progression.

The letters and the illustration take an intersectional approach to LGBTQ+ experiences in that we are each made up of many parts that make us all unique. The two faces within the illustration come together underpinned by ‘Together as Ourselves’, creating a complete face to reflect unity and solidarity. The Queer is Beautiful statement brings further boldness, made up of more layers through pattern and shape to further represent the intricate but beautiful complexities of identity. The disco mirror ball adds further celebration and is reminiscent of LGBTQIA culture. It will give reflections of passing trade and their multiple identities through mirrored fragments, aiming to raise questions and provoke thought about their own identities.

This campaign couldn’t have been more timely as the launch day was also International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia. Happy #IDAHOBIT day to all. Keep using your inner strength, courage and voice where it is safe to do so. Here is to striving toward a fearless future of safety, love & courage for all.

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