No barriers – letting creativity shine

We immersed ourselves wholeheartedly in theatre – we had a site visit, saw a production, held workshops with the internal team and stakeholders, and chatted to audience members about what theatre meant to them. Then we saw the light.

SJT’s role is to give everyone the opportunity to discover and celebrate their own creativity and that of others. Our brand story focussed on the ‘luminaire’ (a stage lighting instrument) which became the cornerstone of our visual brand. Not only did it represent the immersive 360-degree experience of the round, it acted as a beacon to bring people together, to share and to connect. Stephen Joseph, the theatre’s founder said, “This building was built to have no barriers” and our strapline, ‘This is yours’ encapsulated SJT’s new promise – a theatre that’s for everyone. The brand has translated into environment, digital (see our website case study) and print, helping to elevate SJT’s narrative, mission and values.


Sail brought insight, provocation and straight-talking. They understood the need to work with our stakeholders and we found the audience focus groups invaluable. They’ve worked alongside us to create a brand embedded in purpose with a strong narrative, future-proofing us as an organisation.

Caroline Routh