Growing a voice that can’t be ignored

The sun is setting on factory farming. In order to put an end to the climate crisis, we need to get banks to put their money where their mouth is and end investment in factory farms.

We immersed ourselves wholeheartedly in the subject – and held workshops with a wide range of stakeholders to define a brand narrative, tone of voice, visual identity and concepts that could carry them forward and help them deliver their code red warning for humanity.

Amplifying a global movement

Our brand concept takes its inspiration from ‘balance’ – balance of the planet, and healthy and sustainable investments so that communities, biodiversity and nature are in balance and thrive. Our starting point echoed a universal symbol everyone will recognise – the percentage sign. As well as representing a nod to the planet and the circular economy, the circles of the logomark are used as a storytelling device, with imagery, icons or type filling the half circle spaces.

The logo also subtly evokes a dollar symbol, representing the financial flows that the campaign seeks to shift. The strong diagonal line can also be seen as a slashing gesture, almost cutting a coin in half – visually representing the end we want to bring to the financing of harmful factory farming projects.

Using clever illustration and messaging, this concept makes you look and look again through juxtaposition. Using two typefaces means the identity can act as a campaigning urgent voice, or a more credible, quieter brand where needed. We also worked with SFFF on website design and development, creating a platform that’s futureproof, modular and accessible.