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Ethical Eve is a zero-waste shop and online platform that promotes sustainable living. Through strategy, creative and messaging Sail has assisted Ethical Eve with their digital launch and has reached nearly 2000 social media followers since working with Sail.

We must not let global warming and climate change shape our futures. Single use plastics are accelerating climate change. Ethical Eve provide plastic alternative products to encourage people to reflect on their contribution to plastic waste.Sail were thrilled to be approached by Ethical Eve to craft a brand identity that positively challenges our plastic usage.

What we did:
Brand strategy, messaging & copywriting, brand identity, illustration.

The brand relies on visual storytelling to deliver Ethical Eve’s message. Taking inspiration from tarot cards, illuminated manuscripts and the story of Adam and Eve, we began to view single-use plastic and consumerism as our society’s ‘forbidden fruit’.

There are two interchangeable logomarks, the first, a tree representing resilience, knowledge and protection. The other, a snake manifesting repetition and temptation. Together, they represent the message ‘evolve or repeat’, something we must do in order divert away from Adam and Eve’s path. We use an earthy colour palette to embrace natural, sustainable living, and symmetrical illustrations are used as a metaphor for reflection.

‘Sail Creative have exceeded our expectations with the whole branding process from start to finish. After sharing our vision and mission for Ethical Eve, Sail worked hard researching our market and our target customer and then provided us with 3 vastly different, amazing concepts that would each align with our target customer.

The team developed our chosen concept into something we could not have imagined. It was inspired from the world of Tarot and temptation and it aligned perfectly with our vision of magical and fantasy. We received a fabulous brand kit to be able to carry the brand forwards ourselves and the lengths that the whole team went to every step of the way to answer our queries and develop it as best as they could was amazing. We absolutely love everything about our brand and could not recommend Sail Creative enough. Branding isn’t just a logo, and Sail have opened up our eyes to that.’

Lisa Robinson, Founder

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