A world where carers are identified, heard and recognised.

It was imperative the carers themselves were central to the brand – their voices, experiences and stories are the cornerstone of the organisation. Sail collaborated closely with stakeholders and audiences to create an informed and story-led brand framework through  research into the perceptions of how, what and to whom Newcastle Carers were communicating. This work led the strategic decisions.

The logomark uses the negative space of the N in Newcastle Carers to represent a speech bubble. This interlocks with a hand drawn, softer speech bubble representing the communities carers work with. The brand concept ‘We’re listening’ drives the visual brand, and portrays that carers will be heard and supported.

A set of bespoke fonts created via zoom led workshops with carers acts as a conversational communication tool within the brand toolkit so that carers have a platform to be heard. A full set of bespoke speech bubbles bring flexibility and balance across the brand collateral. In addition to creating the visual identity which included bespoke service icons, a full toolkit and brand guidelines. The result of this process is a strong, warm and simple identity which centres on the open, safe and non-judgemental conversation between the organisation and their audience.

"This brand identity aims to bring every story into view and increase the visibility of carers.Every conversation and interaction acts as an opportunity to strengthen awareness of the caring role. This was about amplifying voices. We stand with carers."

Mandy, Designer