Discomfort is central to social justice work

During our creative workshops, we had permission throughout to positively challenge, debate and question who the website was for; bringing the design process back to those that matter – the people using it.

For us, it was a real learning curve – turns out tangible change needs to feel uncomfortable. You have to be prepared to be challenged and questioned and have assumptions put to the test. We experienced this from the project get go and everybody involved had their own perspectives, experiences and ideas.

The site had to be accessible by the wider community – to truly act as a democratic platform, they needed their own sections of the site to edit and update. Using WordPress gave them an industry standard, user-friendly, and familiar platform. Accessibility was crucial with best practices adhered to, so Sail partnered with ReciteMe who have software that’s constantly developed for inclusive experiences.

"We chose to commission Sail on our website due to their partnership and collaborative approach with external stakeholders. In the process, Sail went the extra mile to ensure our partners and stakeholders were at the forefront, facilitating significant discussions, which were evidenced in design concepts produced and tested."

Renee Davis, Marketing Manager, Lankelly Chase