Holding the big guns to account

Having worked on a brand identity for Stop Financing Factory Farming (SFFF), a global campaign set up by seven climate-action leading NGOs including Friends of the Earth to call out World Banks to end factory farm financing worldwide, Sail was tasked with creating a website from the ground up. Its purpose? To address the social and ecological impacts of factory farming, and encourage alternatives that benefit local communities, local environments, animals and the climate.

Protecting our collective future

Across the globe, industrial livestock operations are a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, biodiversity loss, water depletion, and air and water contamination. These negative impacts disproportionately affect women, Indigenous peoples and low-income communities of colour. Intensive livestock production also causes tremendous animal suffering and increases the risk of antibiotic resistance and new pandemics. As a central hub for this issue, this website needed to provide a compelling and informed case to hold Development Banks to account for their investments in agriculture and food systems. It’s main job? To amplify the voices of local communities and organised groups, and represent vulnerable animals, ecosystems and our planet.

Using our bold and compelling brand identity as the starting point for our UI design, the site needed to feel credible and informed – it had to effectively convey SFFF’s arguments and evidence whilst being human and accessible with minimal clutter and text. Above all, it had to come across as professional, organised, well-funded and legitimate. We partnered with the amazing Hertech, a female-led digital strategy and web development agency who were responsible for build, accessibility, testing and hosting.