Newcastle Carers

We Care Too

Newcastle Carers is an independent charity supporting adults, children and young people who care for someone.

How do we reach young adult carers, in Newcastle that are under the radar? That are caring for a friend, partner or family member in isolation, without support? We worked with Newcastle Carers and the young adult carer team to tackle this problem.

There is a gap between young adult carers who gain support and those who are not receiving support, Sail were brought in to work with Newcastle Carers and the NHS to tackle this with a creative campaign. Our objective was to increase awareness of the role, and referrals to the charity.

It was imperative that the project raised national and social awareness of a topic that affects 7 million lives across the UK. We worked closely with Young Adult Carers aged 18-24, Newcastle Carers and the NHS, which provided primary insight ensuring the audience were at the heart of the campaign.

Our strategic solution #WeCareToo was formed through bespoke photography and messaging, working across digital, print and large format mediums. With 24 adshells and 2 billboards across the region we had 1,857,283 impacts. The campaign was widely supported by the public sector, with coverage on BBC news, as well as national radio.


‘I have been working in caring for 14 years, and never been able to get across the variation and truth of the caring role. This creative execution is something I will use for the rest of my career.’

Katie Dodd

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