Honouring the polarities of the ancient and the contemporary

Through the intimate nature of her job, and her own (ongoing) healing journey, Katy became more and more curious about our relationship to ourselves, particularly our bodies. She tasked Sail with creating a brand identity and story that would champion her beliefs, ambitions and vision.

The world in which we live means we are tamed. But Leaven Well’s mission is to rekindle our inner wildness. Our starting point for this feminist and holistic brand was to look at images of mythical, soft body forms and shapes over the years. Inspired by Matisse and his Blue Nudes, we took non-binary figures and abstract images and overlaid them with feminine, modern shapes in earthy tones. The illustration needed to be at the forefront and the logo which uses an uppercase sans serif had to be simple and understated so that it didn’t clash with the secondary ornate typeface. Just like Katy believes in transformation, we have renewed her brand which celebrates the truth of who she is.